Anschen Friedrichs is a South African visual artist, creative entrepreneur and business owner. Based in Cape Town, her studio overlooks glorious Table Mountain from where she draws inspiration, finding beauty in everyday life. 

Anschen is intrigued by the relationship between light, shadows and colour in art. She aspires to accurately capture the delicateness of flowers, the details so often overlooked by busy world travellers, as well as their breath-taking beauty. 

Anschen is an active member of the South African Society of Artist (SASA) and has taken part in various SASA group exhibitions held in the world famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, which can be found at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town. 

Anschen had the privilege to be part of the “Home is Where the Art is” art collection group exhibition at the ZEITZ MOCCA Museum of Contemporary Art, located in the Silo District at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town (Oct 2020 – Oct 2022). 

As an art lover, creative and entrepreneur, Anschen believes that art should be more than just a gorgeous picture on a wall. She thus created a unique range of lifestyle art products and expanded the range to include wearable art products, such as genuine leather handbags, which she manufactures in her studio. In addition, her art range consists of sterling silver jewellery, table runners, placemats and scatter cushions, to name but a few. Each of her art products bears an image of one of her original flower paintings. A collaboration between WonderTV (a DigiTV channel)  and Anschen, led to a 10 episode Art by Anschen digital TV series which went live on the 28th of February, 2022. The aim for this show was to introduce 10 different arts and crafts to the viewers in a wonderful journey of exploration and finding the new. The series can be viewed via following the link: https://tv.digicentral.co.za/wonder/Wonder-Tv-arts-and-crafts/akrillies_deel1

Various commissioned works have been completed and have found forever homes as far as the USA and all over South Africa.

Art by Anschen products have been shipped to 12 countries in the world (as of late 2021) and each order still results in a big smile and a happy dance!



The smallest flower can leave me breathless and astounded by the amount of beauty that it holds. While we are so much in a hurry doing everyday life, I give my utmost to get the viewer of my artwork to pause for a moment, to breathe in the movement of the petals, the shadows and light, the colours which are intricately woven together, the details and the scent of the flower – albeit for longer than just a moment. 

Art is more than just a full time occupation to me. It is a glorious hymn of praise that brings my heart and soul to life.

Whilst I started off my full time art career in 2018 mainly by painting with acrylics, I have discovered Rembrandt oil paint which is my first choice for artworks on linen. The rich colours and creamy substance allow me to layer and glaze as needed, while bringing the subject to life. The promise of colour fastness and quality are well suited for my art style and ensure a high quality end product. I spend around 150 to 200 hours to complete an artwork. 

 An introduction to PanPastel in May 2022 opened up a whole new world to me. This professional quality, uniquely packaged pastels’ ability to be applied like a paint, has given me ‘permission’ to work faster and a little looser. I am excited for the journey ahead!

My motto? “I aspire to bring beauty to the world, one flower at a time.”

Ps 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Contact the artist via email on: info@artbyanschen.com